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thailand mini grid

thailand mini grid

For many rural areas across the world, solar system products offer one of the most effective sources of power. Often, electricity sources in remote areas are difficult (if not impossible) to access, creating a huge demand for alternative energy sources. Off grid energy systems can help provide many communities with light, heat and sustainable power.

MLT Drives was responsible for the development and installation of three independent solar UPS systems in the northern mountain province of Thailand. Two identical systems were installed at Maha Sarkaham and Pathum Tani to support the existing grid. Eight 7KVA grid-tied inverters are kept on site, while only three solar grid units are being used at one time (in a three-phase connection). The three units thus produce a collective 21KVA into the grid. A third system was installed on location at a mountain village without access to the national electric grid. MLT Drives chose to install two 3.5KVA inverters with Solar Regulators and Maximum Power Point Tracking. The combined 7KVA is used to supply lighting to 70 households.

thailand mini grid
solar panels

Key benefits to alternative energy systems include the following:

  • Communities do not have to rely on access to the national grid, and can continue to have power even if there is a looming energy crisis within the region or country.
  • Monthly electricity costs are cut down significantly, and after initial setup costs, solar energy offers a sustainable and affordable solution that benefits the entire community with clean and reliable energy.
  • Within rural areas, there are many cases of communities that simply do not have access to the grid; solar power has the added benefit of being an eco friendly solution that positively benefits both the community and the surrounding environment in which they reside.
  • Alternative energy products are also far more reliable in heavy storms and bad weather, especially in the case of remote areas in Thailand where tropical storms can bring the entire national grid to a stand still.

For our full list of off grid solar installations powered by MLT Drives, contact your specialist in alternative energy solutions to learn more.

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