Learn more about the Power Star Bybrid Bi-Directional Inverters offered to you by MLT Drives.

Hybrid Power Inverters

Hybrid Power Inverters

Power Star-Hybrid Bi-Directional Inverters

Step into a sustainable future, with MLT Drive's ground-breaking inverter, the Power Star Hybrid Bi-Directional Inverters. This new generation of inverters offers the perfect way to deliver alternative energy solutions to your home, office or factory. The Power Star system acts as a power backup UPS or as an off-grid electricity supply. A range of sources such as the grid, generators, solar power and wind energy can provide power to your load, saving you money and ensuring clean and pure electricity.

This new generation of inverters can transfer power simultaneously in both directions. The inverter can supply 230 or 240V AC and charge the batteries at the same time. The 6kva, 48V Hybrid Bi-Directional Inverter for example can also be used as a 100A DC battery charger. It has fully programmable multistage charge algorithms to increase battery performance and reduce charging time. Plus, with a Power Star there is no need for a separate battery charger, power inverter and solar regulator. The MLT Hybrid Bi-Directional combines all of these products, to create the ultimate system to meet your power requirements. You will never need another product with the Power Star, which is perfect for home, office or factory use - delivering clean, pure and efficient energy every time.

System Set Up

Learn how the Power Star Hybrid Bi-Directional Inverter is set up and installed, as per the diagram below. For further information, download the helpful set up guide by clicking the link below.

Inverter System Set-up

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The Power Star inverter offers the following applications:

  • Rural electrification;
  • Industrial power backup and energy management;
  • Interface alternative energy sources (solar (PV), generators and wind) with your appliances;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Remote power management using GSM/GPRS (extensive trending and event logging).

MLT Drives Power Star Key Features

The Power Start Hybrid Bi-Directional Inverter offers the following on and off-grid features:

  • Robust design includes short circuit and current limiting protection;
  • Systems rated at continuous operation at full load;
  • Reduced EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) design;
  • Very high efficiency when running from batteries (>92%) and even higher (>97%) when connected to AC source such as the grid;
  • Peak load shaving - power drawn from grid can be limited;
  • Backup UPS system able to control non-essential loads when energy is low*;
  • Protect your equipment with regulated AC output that is free of disturbance from generator or grid;
  • Use renewable energy sources before using power from the grid or generator;
  • Built-in 80A MPPT solar charger (Photo Voltaic - PV) to optimise your solar electric energy*;
  • Optimise the performance/lifetime of your batteries by setting optimal grid inverter battery charge cycles;
  • Reduce generator run time by storing energy in batteries;
  • Load sensing - inverter can automatically go to low power standby when no load is connected;
  • Configurable auxiliary relay can be configured to automatically control non-essential loads*;
  • Charge batteries rapidly with the full Bi-Directional Inverter feature, allowing full power flow from and to batteries;
  • Optimise your generator's performance with power factor, load levelling optimisation and MLT Drives' unique RunSmooth feature;
  • Access logs of power, energy, voltages, temperatures and more remotely*;
  • Control your remote installation from your PC via the internet or over phone*;
  • AC Source Inhibit Timer - stop generators starting at night or prevent charging from grid tie inverter during certain times of day.

* Optional features


The table below outlines specifications of the Power Star solar inverter, with a comparison of specs for the various voltage options offered.

DC-AC Rated Output Power: 4kw 6kw 12kw 18kw 18kw 3 phase
DC-AC Surge Output Power: 8kw 12kw 24kw 36kw 36kw
Duel Mode Output Power (battery + source power output): 8kw 12kw 24kw  36kw 36kw
Battery DC Input Voltage: 36V 48V 36V 48V 36V 48V 36V 48V 36V 48V
Efficiency: 92% 92% 92% 92% 92%
Output Voltage: 230V AC 230V AC 230V AC 230V AC 380V AC 3ph
Spec Sheet: Grid tie inverters Power Inverters PDF Solar Power PDF Grid Inverters PDF Hybrid inverters PDF
Dimensions (D*W*H mm): 460*420*460 480*562*560 480*562*880 480*562*1310 480*562*1310
Weight (kg): 38 78 156 234 234
IP Protection Index: IP35 IP35 IP35 IP35 IP35
Input/ Output Connectors: Cables/ Terminals Cables/ Terminals Cables/ Terminals Cables/ Terminals Cables/ Terminals
Fixing: Floor Standing Floor Standing Floor Standing Floor Standing Floor Standing
Operating Temp (Degrees Celsius): -10 - +50 -10 - +50 -10 - +50 -10 - +50  -10 - +50
Input/ Output Galvantic Isolation: Intergrated Transformer Integrated Transformer Integrated Transformer Integrated Transformer Integrated Transformer
Standby Consumption: 38W 42W 94W 136W 136W
Warranty (Years): 1 1 1 1 1


Download some of our handy resources to assist with your inverter installation. Click the links below to save to your desktop.

Power Star Brochure

Power Star Brochure

Find out what our HYBRID BI-DIRECTIONAL INVERTERS can do for you.

Power Star Bi-Directional Inverter

Power Star Bi-Directional Inverter

Get to know all the basic operations and functions of our HYBRID BI-DIRECTIONAL INVERTERS.

Basic Training Presentation

Power star complete manual

Get all the know how on installing, operating and setting up of our HYBRID BI-DIRECTIONAL INVERTERS for home, office or factory use.

Basic Training Presentation

Basic Training Presentation

 setting up of our HYBRID BI-DIRECTIONAL INVERTERS for home, office or factory use.

Basic Training Presentation


details on setting up auto start generators

Basic Training Presentation


details on setting up automatic demand site management

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